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Seb’s channel, Seppichan, is one of the fastest-growing tech vlogs on YouTube. His most popular video, Cardboard Credit Card, hit the front page of Reddit twice, gaining over 1,000,000 views.

Seppichan originally started as a way for Seb to share his vacation photos and videos– which until recently were sitting on a harddrive, collecting digital dust.

However, unlike regular travel vlogs, Seppi always takes things to the extreme.

His videos frequently toe the line between ‘educational’ and ‘probably not legal,’ but that doesn’t seem to concern him. In some cases, Seppi’s video are filmed as an homage to famous journalist Hunter S. Thompson, the man known for coining the phrase, “buy the ticket, take the ride.”

In others, he discusses exploits, hacks, Internet culture, and everyday life.

Of course, because this is YouTube, there’s a little bit of clickbait thrown in. But not much.

In Cardboard Credit Card, Seppi doxxed himself, revealing his real credit card number on YouTube. 

This one video has resulted in 100+ fradulent attempts to steal Seb’s personal information. Thankfully, only two or three of these attempts have been successful. 😉

In Kidnapped In The Caribbean, Seppi goes on a highly unusual ride while vacationing in Antigua.

His taxi driver ended up being an alcoholic, drug-addled conman, who stopped mid-tour to buy weed, and almost crashed his car at one point.

That aside, he did provide a nice, personalized tour of the island, which included stops at restricted areas, in addition to beautiful, secluded beaches.

I won’t spoil the ending here, but sufficient to say our coked-up friend ended up making the situation really tense, and really awkward.

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